Call Masking Solutions to provide a secure call experience for both parties. It works by allowing the caller to use a temporary virtual number instead of their actual phone number, which masks the caller's personal phone number. The solution uses voice APIs to route calls through proxy phone numbers that are not linked to the actual phone. When the receiver receives a call, they will see only the masked phone number. This helps protect their privacy while still allowing them to have a normal call experience. Once the call is finished, these temporary phone numbers are discarded and cannot be used again for any other purpose. 

Why is call masking?

Call Masking Solutions provides an effective way of ensuring that personal information remains protected while still providing an enjoyable calling experience.  The masking feature works by replacing the real phone number of a customer with a disposable one that can be used to contact them. 

This ensures that personal numbers are kept private and secure, while still allowing customers to be contacted via text or telephone. Additionally, agents in contact centers are able to provide a more personalized experience when they use call masking solutions as they can access the customer’s masked number instead of their real phone number. This means that customers feel their privacy is respected and valued without having to worry about their information being leaked or shared without their permission.   

Advantages of Call masking solutions

  • Call masking solutions allow businesses to protect customers' data by masking their phone numbers so that it appears as different number when calling individuals. This is done through masking software, which masks the real customer phone numbers and replaces them with a masked number.
  •  This means that when calls are placed or received, the receiver only sees this masked number instead of the customer's real phone number, thus providing higher privacy for both parties involved in the interaction.
  •  Call Masking Solutions can be used in many business applications such as customer service inquiries, telemarketing campaigns, and others.
  •  By allowing customers to use a different number than their own to interact with businesses, Call Masking Solutions provides an extra layer of privacy while still allowing businesses to collect data from their customers and use it for marketing purposes without risking their personal information being leaked or shared without permission.    
  • Number Masking Solutions work by replacing customers’ phone numbers with randomly generated number, which is provided to the customer when they call a business. This ensures that the customer’s personal contact information and data are not accessible by anyone else other than the company they contacted.
  •  By using Call Masking Solutions, businesses can safely collect important information from customers without exposing their personal data or phone numbers. This effective technique is one of the best solutions for businesses that want to protect their customers' privacy and prevent identity theft.    

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Call masking is a useful VOIP feature that helps to protect the contact information of both parties involved in a call. The masking feature works by assigning each user a unique masked number which increases the level of security for legitimate customer service calls. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that provide services and have to communicate with third-party vendors. Furthermore, this technique also prevents malicious attempts from hackers who may try to access sensitive information through phone systems. In conclusion, call masking is a reliable solution that provides an extra layer of privacy and security when making calls or communicating online.